Risk Management

iDeal-ccm understands that clients develop long term strategies with their objectives being achieved within varying timescales that means risks and objectives may fluctuate, delivery impacts are therefore a primary concern. 

With a risk based approach to commercial and contract management a client can be more flexible and responsive to the changing requirements in a continually evolving business in any market sector. Clients can be affected by the level of risk or can gain a significant advantage by adapting a risk management strategy to ensure that areas are identified, managed and mitigated, and that will lead to a competitive advantage. iDeal-ccm recognises that failure to manage risk can contribute to major exposures, failure or the lack of success for potential clients. A client needs to be aware of the changing market place especially in managed service/outsourcing environments with regards to design, whether technical or service, implementation, transition or service delivery, when combined will therefore all impact on the end user cost and service.

An effective risk management strategy with internal governance will manage this change and involve all levels of stakeholders. Risk management exists in the whole lifecycle of commercial and contract management activities and required to be implemented at any time. This ensures a project is properly implemented that benefits those involved whether looking at technical, implementation, financial and service risks. All risks need to be identified and analysed with the impact they have within stages of a project that vary in different areas such as technical or service design, pricing, programme planning, legal, payment, service levels and third party suppliers or partners.

Risks can be controlled through a risk register with a matrix that will identify a risk and the impact it may have, whether at the initial qualification, implementation or ongoing change management cycles.