iDeal-ccm recognises that governance ensures that decisions are made in a way that is consistent with priorities and is beneficial to the successful operation of a client. Governance enables the ability to make informed decisions and influences that are made at the right stakeholder level within a client.

Governance is an issue that increasingly impacts clients, whether in terms of what and how projects are executed or contracts are negotiated, or in terms of the disciplines used in commercial and contract management. The insurgence of governance has transformed the role of commercial and contract management and the professional disciplines under which it operates and how they will affect the processes and role of contract negotiation. iDeal-ccm understands that contracting whether focused in strategic sourcing, bid or contract management, continues to evolve in both sophistication and impact whereby frequently its trajectory is determined by momentum as much as planning so therefore contracting to the next level requires a carefully planned governance strategy.

Governance is closely aligned to a risk management strategy to ensure that all aspects are known for decisions to be made. It is important that all lines of engagement are clearly defined and accessible to key stakeholders. This ranges from board members to project teams whether in a sourcing, bid or contract management to ensure full business benefit is being obtained and risks are managed.