Bid Management

As business proposals delivered today are more complex, risk adverse and delivered within challenging timescales. iDeal-ccm provides best practices of Bid Management from process requirements through to handling complex bespoke bid or proposals transforming these into end user solutions.

iDeal-ccm have managed bid teams to qualify and maximise the win opportunity of sales prospects, developing them into substantial and profitable sales area for a business. Our approach is to work closely with business development teams to qualify opportunities, set an agreed bid strategy, formulate compelling proposals in line with your corporate visual language that closely align with your prospective clients business and strategic requirements.

The iDeal-ccm bid team will become the internal commercial project manager, leading and co-ordinating the bid process, leading to the sign off necessary to fully comply with your internal risk and governance and procedures. Governance and procedures can often appear complicated, so therefore another of iDeal-ccm aims is to simplify the process and to help businesses concentrate on delivery of profitable propositions to customers.