About Us

iDeal-ccm specialises in consultancy services within commercial and contract management. The spectrum of commercial and contract management encompasses delivery of Strategic Sourcing, Tactical Sourcing, Sourcing Transformation, Supplier Relationship Management and Bid Management with other services such as contract transition, contract drafting and financial modelling activities aligned to risk and governance controls.

iDeal-ccm recognises that commercial and contract management is becoming increasingly more competitive, fast-tracked and globally aligned with technology, services and in particular outsourcing and cloud services as it continues to evolve within the private or public sectors. As a result, organisations are becoming more focused and challenged by the management of risk, best practice and governance directives which now plays a critical role. iDeal-ccm continually strives to ensure that it is able to deliver end to end best practices within the spectrum of commercial and contract management to all of its clients. 

Together, its founder members have over 30 years combined experience providing a wide spectrum of commercial and contract management within many blue chip companies in the private sector and also into UK public sector organisations. iDeal-ccm’s approach is to provide best practice commercial and contract management to its clients, with the highest professional expertise and promoting the use of developing industry standards and organisations with our strategy that iDeal-CCM delivers to meet the ongoing demands and expectations of our clients.